The Murder of Black people in Racist Amerikkka.

There is a epidemic of White Racist police to murder black people in racist amerikkka. Every day in this racist environment a black person u
Is murdered. Black people must learn the art of self defense. They must learn to defend themselves from all aggressors. Martial arts is a great starting point. We all have a common enemy who will murder us without provocation. Thus. This beast can be defeated. This satanic system allows the murder of black people. These creatures are only flesh an blood. They are not supreme. They are inferior creatures. Since the courts won’t help us. We must help ourselves or be a corpse. God is on our side. Satan and his cohorts will be defeated and terminated. Just think one day blacks will be free. Free from these evil satanic creatures. Free. From white supremacy. Free from Satan an his cohorts. What a wonderful day that will be.


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