Sociopaths That Are THE Police.

We have a scourge all around us. These are the white Racist Sociopaths on all Law Enforcement in Racist Amerikkka. These murderers are sanctioned by the powers that be. The xenophobic behavior by White racist police is totally unacceptable. All black people must under stand the mentality of a murderer. These Devils have been killing ever since they crawled out of dank cold caves of Europe. Their true history speaks volumes of their evil. They collectively have enslaved murdered and stole from people of color. This evil Satanic creature carries out the will of his true father Satan.These creatures murdered Christ. Just as they murder unarmed black people today. God does indeed have a Master Plan. You can believe That no Satanic Evil White Devil Will be permitted in the Holy Kingdom Of The Most High. Just think no more white devils who murder black people. No more White Racism. No more discord among the races. For discord is the very nature of these satanic evil creatures. When God dismisses Satan he will also dismiss those that follow him. What a wonderful future for all those that are  oppressed by the sons and daughters Satan. They will be free.


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